David Hasselhoff Returns With The 80’s Inspired Tune “True Survivor”

Play the “Kung Fury” theme song with the chords and lyrics in sync

If you ever thought we’ve already seen the last of David Hasselhoff‘s music career – well, think again! The Hoff is back with his new single “True Survivor” and it’s rocking the world wide web with over 3.5 million views in just three days. This super cool music video is probably one of the most fun-to-watch clips to emerge on YouTube in the last few years, with its old-school action scenes and colorful styling.

Play the song with the chords and lyrics in sync:

- True Survivor

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True Survivor” is taken from the soundtrack of the upcoming Swedish martial arts comedy “Kung Fury”. The movie follows a Miami police detective in the 80’s who travels back in time to World War II to kill Adolf Hitler. How awesome is that!?

“Kung Fury” director and main star David Sandberg has raised over 630,000 dollars in order to fund the making of the movie. The Kickstarter campaign describes “Kung Fury” as a “visually spectacular action comedy that has its foundation in 80’s cop movies”.