Take a Look: The Amazing New Jason Becker Guitar

The new Jason Becker guitar. Image taken from the official Carvin site

There were endless amount of new guitars, amps and drums exposed at this year’s NAMM convention in California. But from the huge variety of new products – the one that touched us the most was the new Jason Becker numbers tribute guitar. Made By Carvin / Kiesel Guitars, Jeff Kiesel and Jason Becker himself – the 6 string is an improved and more designed model of Becker’s original one. Notice the numbers on the guitar’s neck, all in color with the pickups and the logo. The guitar includes 24 frets , 25.5″ Scale, Seymour Duncan pickups, a maple neck and maple finger board.

Behold: The new Jason Becker Guitar. Image Taken from Carvin/Kiesel site

Behold: The new Jason Becker Guitar. Image Taken from Carvin/Kiesel site

The most wonderful thing about the guitar is that incomes would go to Becker and his family in order to support Becker’s health issues. The unique guitarist, that was marked as an upcoming star already by the age of 16, was diagnosed  a few years later with ALS disease. Doctors gave him 3 to 5 years to live, but 26 years later – Becker is here, communicating, making music and building guitars. He communicates with his eyes through a system developed by his father.

In 2012 “Not Dead Yet” was released. The documentary brings Becker’s amazing life story, and if you still haven’t seen it, now’s the time.

Watch the trailer for “Not Dead Yet”

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