Tears in Your Eyes: The Beatles Introduce a New Video for 'A Day in the Life'

A New Deluxe DVD/CD Edition of The Beatles' '1' Contains 50 Restored and Rare Promo Films and Videos, Including This Spectacular and Touchy Video for 'A Day in the Life'

It’s a celebration for Beatles fans: The fab four is coming out with a new 2Blu-Ray+CD deluxe edition of the album, ‘1’, originally released in 2000. The album, now called ‘One +’, contains the band’s number one hits in the US and UK, but now - fans get much more. The new edition contains 50 restored rare promotional films and videos, Including this spectacular and touchy video for ‘A Day In The Life’. 

In the video, the band and producer George Martin is seen preparing to perform the recording of the track in 1967. In these beautiful video bits, the members fool around and laugh during the recording and meet with special friends, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

- A Day In The Life (2)

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According to The Beatles site, The new edition features all 27 tracks on CD, all 27 promo videos on DVD1 and an additional 23 videos on DVD2, including alternate versions, as well as rarely seen and newly restored films and videos.