Crazy: Play a Gummy Bear and Hot Dog Drum Kit in Virtual Reality

A VR Music Playground Set on an Island Filled With Cheeseburger Drums and Other Junk-Food Instruments That You Can Really Play With Your Own Two Hands. Too Good to Be True? Watch This

Everyday we read about new virtual reality adventures, about motivated developers that paving the way into the future. But this is the sweetest development we have ever seen. Introducing ‘Play Things’ a “VR music playground set on an island filled with cheeseburger drums and other junk-food instruments that you can really play with your own two hands”. Crazy, huh? Watch the video below. 

According to their website, the development is a “Walk through a glassy ripple in spacetime, and you might find yourself on the surface of a two-story iridescent barbecue grill. Turn your whole room into a rhythm game where you fend off a musical onslaught of candy. Use the Golden Tongs to rearrange the world around you and make any instrument you can imagine.”

The system was created by 'Always & Forever' in New York and by George Michael Brower. “I live and work in Brooklyn and I have a studio called Always & Forever Computer Entertainment”, He writes, “Before that I worked for Google's Creative Lab. I spend my days making pictures and sounds and programs, which I then combine to create Interactive Art.”