9 Chris Cornell Solo Songs That You Need to Listen to Today

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Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave - Three Bands Chris Cornell Fronted (and Still Does) That Changed Rock History. But It's Also the Songs From His Solo Career That Made Him One of the Most Unique Singers in Music. Play These Tracks Today and Let His Voice and Lyrics Swallow You Whole


Taken from the ‘Great Expectations’ Soundtrack (And also included as a a bonus track on the Japanese edition of ‘Euphoria Morning’), this song clearly displays one of Cornell’s finest works as a singer-songwriter. 

Recorded not long after the ‘Soundgarden’ breakup, Cornell performs a dreamy and optimistic tune, dedicated to the ones waiting to be carefree: “But its all right, When you're caught in pain, And you feel the rain come down, Its all right, When you find your way, Then you see it disappear, Its all right, Though your gardens grey, I know all your graces, Someday will flower, In the sweet sunshower”.


Back in 1992, this was the first time fans have heard Cornell just by himself, without Soundgarden. The song was included in the ‘Singels’ soundtrack, the movie where Cornell (and other Seattle rockers) acted in a cameo role. 

Forwarding a dark yet a very peaceful feel to the listeners, this song means everything to a lot of Cornell and rock and roll fans out there. 

Pillow Of Your Bones 

The loudest of of songs included in Cornell’s masterpiece, ‘Euphoria Morning’, which is mostly on the low fi. 

Written with producers, Alain Johannes and the late Natasha Shneider, Cornell goes into our hearts and minds with a fantastic recording, but further more, he melts you with his lyrics: “The embers of the saint inside of you,are growing as I'm bathing in your glow. I'm swallowing the poison of your flower, and hanging on the rising of my low”. 

Wave Goodbye 

This emotional song was written for Cornell’s friend, the talented Jeff Buckley, that died not long before Cornell went solo. Cornell really puts his heart and guts into this one, singing to his friend. 

Not only that, In the song’s C-Part, he imitates his friend’s unique and magical high voice and sings: “How long I've waited for an answer or a sign, Lonely and weary from, The troubled task of trying To wave goodbye”.

When I’m Down

Another wonderful track from ‘Euphoria Morning’. Cornell is really topping his game as a singer on this one, showing not only his ability to go way up high but also very down low, giving his voice an original flow, somewhere between old blues singers and Frank Sinatra. 

The piano parts in the track, played by Natasha Shneider, covers the song with a warm and heartfelt feeling, but it’s Cornell words that touches you the most: “And I only love you when I'm down. And I'm only near you when I'm gone. But one thing for you to keep in mind, you know, that I'm down, all the time”.

She’ll Never Be Your Man

This song’s chorus contains such great lyrics: ‘She can be your lover, She can be your friend, She can be your vision of a mother like the one you never had, She will know your troubles better than I can, But she'll never be your man”. Taken from the ‘Carry On’ album (produced by Steve Lillywhite), Cornell goes deep in this up tempo feel, with words into one’s wishes, being very serious but also having fun with it. 

Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart

Teaming up with old friend and super producer, Brendan O’Brien, Cornell released his fourth album, ‘Higher Truth’ in September last year. All songs bring that acoustic vibe Cornell has been putting on stage in his live performances these last years. But it’s the first single and the first track from the album that caught us off-guard.

With Cornell’s voice heard in it’s finest, he sings from inside that beautiful arrangement: “And I nearly forgot my broken heart, It's taking me miles away, From the memory of how we broke apart Here we go round again, again”.

Arms Around Your Love

Some will say ‘Arms Around Your Love’ is just a simple catchy breakup song, But it takes one like Cornell to make special as it is. Also from ‘Carry On’, Cornell makes you stand up to that one mistake you made in your life. 

With the music around the lyrics, he also makes you feel very optimistic about the situation. Standing up to it and moving on. “Now you're just gonna have to take it, She's gonna make you pay for it”, He sings, “You're just gonna have to take it. With his arms around your love”. 


Cornell got a lot of negative reviews after he choose taking the pop and dance path with his album, ‘Scream’. But the truth is (the Higher Truth, if you may) is that ‘Scream’ holds wonderful songs. Electronic or not, they can not be ignored. 

On top of the list stands the Song with the album title. With a great revolving melody, Cornell sings: “Throwing out the blame when you know it ain't my fault, Messing with my brain when you wanna see me fall, There may come a time when I don't bother you at allIt isn't my call, it isn't my call”.