- Here We Go

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August 17, 2016


How am I supposed to walk you home
When you're at least fifty feet ahead?
'Cause you walked off in a huff
And I'm that pissed I can't remember
What it was I said

And I don't doubt you wouldn't touch him now
But let's face it, you always used to go for that kind
And if you ever really wanted two men at once
All I'm saying is I better be one of the guys you've got in mind

Here we go, same time, same place
I don't like the way you kissed his face
It's not that there's no trust as such
I'd love to make up but I've had to much

Now you know fine well I'm staying
I've only ever carried out that threat once before
And even then I couldn't get far and your mum came and
Called me back before I'd even made it to the door

Here we go, same time, same place
My embarrassment versus your damp face
We could talk down here or we could talk in bed
But I'm afraid that's all, as I've already said

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