- Haunt Me

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June 20, 2016


I'm the wallflower that you forgot to water
find the reservoir it must be inside me somewhere
wash the dust off rusty ribs, let them rise maybe i'll live
keep my nerves in check, i'm relying on you to keep me from being a wreck

drought, hanging on you,
base my life around you
waste my time fault truth
hold me together i'm broken and bruised

send me a letter I don't need to check my phone
to know that you're off doing something better than sleeping off the pain at home
im writing post cards to my old self telling him hes such a drag
dragging myself out of bed to get the nerve to get you of my head

hanging, staring at the ground
aching, my back is hurting now
cause i'm not used to fighting for myself
you used to pick, play my curse, leave me intellectually bound

I think I've been cursed not to feel
numb, nothing to conceal
keep you apart from me
so you stop burdening

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