- Happy to See Me

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November 12, 2015


Trying to change my mind about how everything went
When the historian on the radio said
There is nothing in the world more dangerous
Than a defeated army headed home, stay inside, civilian
All I can tell from this old rock is someone is buried here
The joggers are the only ones coming in and they just keep on going

At night I think I have trouble telling
Bats from birds--now I see
Lke cut-up bits of paper
Like little pairs of scissors
They tumble from the bridge
Up and into the dark
Thought up by a mind that must've been
A kind of sinister question mark

Father gets up at 4 a.m
To post a motivational video on Youtube again
"People of the world, nobody loves you
Half as much as I
Half as much as I am trying to"

On the train home I am hoping
That I get to be very old
And when I'm old I'll only see people from my past
And they all will be happy to see me

We all will remember things the same

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