- Riding With the King

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I dreamed
I had a good job
And I got well paid
I blew it all
At the penny arcade
A hundred dollars
On a kewpie doll
No pretty chick
Is gonna make me crawl

Get on a TWA to
The promised land
Every woman
And man
Gets a Cadillac
And a great, big
Diamond ring
Don't you know
You're riding
With the King?

He's on a mission
Of mercy to
The new frontier
He's gonna check us
All on out of here
Up to that mansion on a hill
Where you can get
Your prescription filled

"Any kind of filled, folkes,

Get on a TWA
To the promised land

Clap your hands
Clap your hands

And don't you just love
The way that it feels?

Don't you know
We're riding with the King?
Yeah you riding with the King

Yes, you're riding with the king
Don't you know we're riding
With the King?

A tuxedo and shiny 335
"That's me hehe"
You can see it in his face
The blues is alive!

Tonight everybody's
Getting their angel wings
Don't you know we're
Riding with the King?

"I stepped out of Mississippi
When I was ten years old
With a suit cut sharp
As a razor and a
Heart made of gold.
I had a guitar hanging
Just about waist high
And I'm gonna play this
Thing until the day I die

Don't you know you're
Riding with the King?

Don't you know you're
Riding with the King?

'You ride with me, babe!
You're in good hands
Yes, yes you're riding
With the King

"I wanted to say BB King
But you'd know The King'"

"Yes, you're riding with
The King
Yes, you're riding with
The King that's right"

Riding, you're riding
With the king
You're riding
You're riding with the king

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