- Hate Aside

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November 25, 2015


Yeah we do what we want, Bringin' the truth to your false
Way of life, finding clues when you're lost is hard
Like finding worth in those jewels that you flaunt or
Finding work without the tools for the job
But trust me, this ain't just a job
I'll be twistin' knobs until the mix is suave
I think about every button I push
Like every button I push was making a missile launch, yeah.
Leaving the world in disorder
Killin' it until we seein' rigor mortis and liquor pourin'
But with this music we build on the ruins
I got the bricks and mortar, Let's keep it movin', shiftin' forward
I'm tryna take it like it's mine for the takin'
Live in the place, with divine innovation
Why would you hate this
That's a sign that your mind states too prideful, spiteful and basic
There ain't shit you can say...
There ain't no rules in this game we play
Hate aside there ain't shit you can say
All hate aside, let's be real for a moment, Let's build,
I can feel it in my soul when the momentum builds
And we don't want to feel, like we owed y'all respect
But you won't let us chill, it's a snowball effect
I don't want to see them quotes on the net
You got somethin' to say, I'll take the phonecall direct
I don't owe y'all, no, naw, what y'all expect?
It ain't a game we playin', ain't no coach on your bench
I know I'm an arrogant fuck
But let's keep it in perspective there's barely enough
I'm airin' 'em out, apparently I'm tearin' it up
So stare at me wrong, get your fair share of them lumps
Beware of the snakes, only teach sincerity but
Still keep a small circle like a carrot that's cut
Player, I swear on my nuts,
I could kill it all day, but you can only bury me once.
Yeah we do what we must, before that tool that you bust
Gets bucked a new cut's leavin' your stomach tucked
As I conduct liposuction on this fat blunt
Wait let me light this up, I have to, like it's a
OCD tendency, SP's been releasing CD's independently
MC's squeezin' their weaponry, please
To step could cause irreparable damage
Hence the reputable status, yes we have the upper hand in this
And this is just the beginning, of an addiction
To get rich, just independent and it's a misprint
To call us misfits, cause we don't fit in
Don't get it twisted, we still causin' mischief
And there's no god, but I feel some christian rappers
And stay high, explains why I get distracted
I roll it up, smoke it and flick the ashes
And still manage a business, you could just imagine

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