- Lordvessel

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November 12, 2015


Well what have we here
Is it a pilgrim from the asylum
Carried aloft
By a friend to our lady of sin
Where to begin

Listen well, boy
There are two bells to ring
The parish above
The blighted bog found deep below
And their guardians
Still thirst for your cursed blood

Drop your sign
For the brothers in need to find

I will walk through the fog
As I welcome death
I will pillage these bodies
I will feed to the fire
These shards of a soul

A magnificent father
In a desperate attempt
To stave off the end of his age

He runs himself hollow
And burns all his knights alive
A shell of his former self
They lock him away
Far beneath this crumbling shrine

A radiant sun
Forged by the feeble hands of a child
Not fit for his throne
A clever deceit
To make everyone believe
The lords haven't left them behind

Like a moth
Fluttering towards a flame
Vereor nox

If only I could be so grossly incandescent

I will march through the dark
Like the hero before me
I have died many times
I'm replete with humanity

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