- 11:11

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November 12, 2015


You were all done up,
But it wasn't for me.
You were up at the front
To tap on your feet
I was back at the bar
You had your eyes on the stage
You had an "X" on your hand
To tell them your age.

I didn't put my money on it
But I was
Hoping that you would be here
If I was something that you ever wanted
Then I'm all ears

You made a wish at 11: 11
I held your hips at 12: 34
There was a kiss just waiting to happen
A cab was calling outside the door

Oh, I knew from the beginning
Oh, it was you from the beginning

Excuse the disguise
Or the ones before
I've been convincing myself
There could be something more
I said, "If you go home
And you get on the phone,
And you tell your girlfriends about me
I'll go home
And I'll sleep on my own,
And dream of a girl named Lonnie."

Those others couldn't hold a candle to ya
But you were glowing in the dark
I was nervous just standing with you
You were glowing in the dark

And you weren't even trying
Your dirty blonde hair
Had me going wild
You were a little bit shy then
There's no denying something so true

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