- Nobody's Fool

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April 13, 2016Fixed by ChenB 


Never Alone
Always some new chaperone
Seems you're never alone

Yeah you climb to the top of the pile
Enjoy the view
Stay for a while
Hard to get by on your own
When you're never alone

Life of regret
(Oh) Each drink and each cigarette
Leads to life of regret

So go out
Make your amends
Plant you a garden and
Get you some friends

Troubles still just what you get
In this life of regret


Chosen by God
Well whether you like it or not
You've been chosen by God

So stand there
Curse at the clouds
You know the answer
So scream it out loud

Whether asleep on the job
Heaven oh useless oh slob

Oh never forget what you're not
You've been chosen by god


But you're nobody's fool
That's the one thing they don't teach in school
You ain't nobody's fool

Don't worry you'll turn out fine
Better off dead than waiting in line

Stick to that golden ol' rule
You ain't nobody's fool


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