- Circle Drive

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November 12, 2015


leftside sidewalk hospital circle drive walked this way twice a day, back the other way two times they got you wrapped up in guilt like an aftermarket cancer quilt and I don’t know the names of the people on the patches and they ground you down to calcium and road salt and pressed you into piles of pills they cut with ashes

I am still your man some days we do the best we can.

Noah was a drunk; David chased women; Paul was always seen with younger men Stephen joined the Army and jumped on a grenade; I took a punch for Peter, never heard from him again So take both halves of 10 pills to appeal to better angels- quartered wings beating double time

I am singularly lonely living here without you; redfaced redlips redteeth, handle of wine we’re doing fine

I am still your man some days we do the best we can

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