November 12, 2015


And so it was said that the herb be provided for I and I

They don't want you to know marijuana
Ites up and be free
Jah so Let it be

Herb smoke keep I sane, take my pain
Stop migraine, so much I gain, so why blame?
I'm saying Jah might bring the right strain
To my brain fi chop lightning like I-Wayne
'Cause man deh ya pon the lava ground
And if you soft like a guava you can't come round
This part of town, I tell unuh the thought alone
A could a Sparta it falter down
Revival Hallelujah it start up now
Reprisal fi the luu Jah it watered down, naa pardon none

What deh in a me garden strong
This is not a marijuana song

This is not marijuana music
Just a message from the ones that use it
Don't abuse it cause a mind that's fertile
Brings forth something that's worthwhile
Know your worth child
'Cause no officer alive coulda look in a ma eyes
And see what I prophesy
My mind it forever occupies, thoughts of
Hold ma talk 'cause spies amongst us
If trouble did a trouble me, well that mi chalice woulda bubbly
Drop in a one load then double it

What deh in a me garden strong
This is not a marijuana song

Listen up, the truth is to be told
Open your eyes there is beauty to behold
What is the new if you consider the old
Why gain the world and no consider your soul
What is the cloud if you understand the lining
Who is the king if you consider the lineage
You know its H.I.M so no continue deny him
Is it freestyle if I consider the Line
Then configure the timing adjust to fit the rhyme scheme
With no trouble to my mind really?
Seal it

I say wah deh in a me garden strong
This is not a Marijuana Song

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