- One Way To Heaven

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November 12, 2015


Everybody's searching for home
Staring at a hole in the sky
Poor man waiting on a break
Rich man looking for a ticket to buy
Something ties us together
All colors of the same race
Shadows of the same face
Looking Up

Ain't no doorway, or a stairway
Ain't no your way, ain't no my way
Ain't no shortcut, or a highway
To heaven
Ain't no jet plane, ain't no fast car
Only one thing take you that far
Only one name, he's the one way
To heaven
One way to heaven (he's the, he's the)
One way to heaven (he is the way)

Straight and narrow is the road
That lays out before us
It's easy to lose our direction
Let love be the compass
Temptations are many
And the pitfalls are countless
There's only one way
He is the way

Only one way, only one way, only one way
To heaven

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