September 30, 2016


BLANCHE: In the light of the virgin morning
I look out through a misty haze
The estate has an ancient beauty
Mother must appraise
As I stroll through the pinks and roses
As I savour the columbine
I am grateful for all he is
And what will one day all be mine
The perfect plan
If only I could love the man
But I'm not quite sure I can

JANE: In the light of the virgin morning
In the shade of the chestnut tree
If I leave this unhappy bliss
Where will my Eden be?
For I'll miss this enchanted garden
Watching leaves as they turn to brown

BLANCHE: We will sell the estate, of course
And we will move to town

This is my fate
What more do I deserve? (We'll be admired and praised)
I mustn't stay
What purpose would it serve? (I'll know what happiness is)
He doesn't need me (happiness is)
His heart is blinded (When I am his)
Where will I go?
What star will light my way? (I'll be the star in his night)
This is my home (And I will shine)
oh God above I pray
The rock of ages will show me mercy (As a bride by his side)
In the light of the virgin morning
(In the light of the virgin morning)
I am cursed in my hope of heaven
(I am blessed in my hope of heaven)
For I know I will always (For I know I will come to)
Love him (Love him)

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