- I Know Myself

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April 13, 2016Fixed by musiclover 


It takes a lot babe, I know myself
After this time I'm going to someone else

You feel uncertain, black orchid pedal
On an empty vase on the sill

I don't care how golden your hair
How blue your eyes how fractured your stare

Don't remember nothing back then
My eyes did smile but oh my heart was thin

If I ever knew you so hard to tell
But it never got to me, I know myself

From the dead from the dead from ahead
When the came sang guitar on my bed
Didn't they tell you love, the love the love's there
Don't go and bother me.

You know my love, since they be gone
It takes a year or two to carry on,
Natural, perchance, that's all my babe
For you, pictured love, I'm all bad

For prayers, and doubts, and tunes,
and sail right on
In time, instead and now,
and nothing on you.

You live two storms too soon
Darling the storm is soon
Truly, I'm coming
I Hope you're finding you.

I will - storm too
I will - storm too
I wish storms to you

I'm too bad
Darling you know I'm too bad
Darling you know I'm too bad

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