- Hate Me Now

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November 12, 2015


You can hate me now
Smokin loud with my gun
He like spray me now (aye, aye)
In this shit, waste ding down
You with the opps pull up on you get the spraying rounds
Hop in my Bentley please do not tempt me
And my fifty with me shoot a nigga kidney (Now)
I'm my shooter, I hang with me (Now)
Waiting for you to try to diss me (Now)
I'm pull up where your crib be (Now)
Shootin' down your chimney (Down)
Smokin' like a Chimney (Loud)
Step up out the car you hear me (Ba-ow)
Diddy Boppin' with my fifty
Change a nigga like a shift be (aye)
I maneuver where my clip be (aye)
No Security be with me

Niggas Hate Me Now
Bitches tryna have my baby now (aye, aye)
Im not a baby now (aye, aye)
Bitch Im 18 now (aye)
Remember when I use to be 16 now (aye)
My house full of big screens now (aye)
And now I don't got hear my Granny mouth
And I ain't gotta live in my Granny house

Niggas hatin' on me (haitin' on me)
Niggas want me to be lackin', and they waitin' on me
Wanna see my reaction and Imma spray it homie
Keep my pistol on me, cause that's my lady homie
We know drama just like TNT (TNT)
Let them guns off, sound like TNT (Aye)
I'm too turnt yea bitch I'm TNT (Aye)
Rock your block Im Aaliyah Keef
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Prod. By Dolan Beats
Sample is from Nas & Diddy‘s classic track, "Hate Me Now"
"Hate Me Now" is from a year ago which was supposed to be on the not yet released
"Bang 3" but it was just newly released off "Dedication".

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