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November 12, 2015


I wanna believe that everything happens for a reason
I wanna believe that God has a plan for me and
That I am on a path to fulfill a destiny involving
miracles, and sunsets with amazing revelations

But I know now, that for every event
we claim to justify makes sense
always comes one that finds a way
to crush your faith in belief systems

But we all wanna find new ways
to rationalize our dilemmas
trivializing these major life transformations
forgetting that in a blink of an eye
all of what we think we know can change

Just once I need someone to show me
all the things that I can't see
show me the ripples that can encourage
even the greatest skeptics amongst us to believe
acknowledge the power of what was meant to be
because all of what you think you know can at any point
end abruptly….

Because what remains the same
are life's little downpours of pain
and after the storm is over
somehow life and death manages a balance
to make room for one more….
and yes – there is a whole lot of hurt in this world
and more nonsense than any of us can list in three minutes
experiences out there that would cause the
most saved christian to run to atheism
because at the end of the day
there has got to be more to all of this
then the rationalizations that lie between the
legitiment that everything happens for a reason
so find it…
find it and let that be a daily testament
that every person you meet at any point
can play a role in your life
that can change the dynamics of everything
and every day you breathe
is another days opportunity left to dream
to dream to dream to dream
dream of thunder and lightening
and coincidences that saved your life
and strangers that helped you get by
and failures that pushed you to fly
pushed you to fly
and moments that could change you
in the blink of an eye

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