- The Devil's Harp

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November 12, 2015


I tuned the devil’s harp
It was the last thing that I heard
Before I walked the stretch of road between Nagoya and absurd
I meant to find my lover there
But I found a little bird
She sang me how the world was made
I hung on every word
She told me why the rabbit cries and why some stars were red
She told me where the doper goes to lay his weary head
And that the world was incomplete
And the king would soon be dead
She offered me her wing that night
I took the road instead
Maybe im back, baby
Maybe im falling from the poplar tree
Carry me back, baby
With borrowed pride
I could not hide
I grew a sailors beard
And as I walked to my innocence

My leaves disappeared
Rented a room upon the hill
Where a marble cat appeared
Showed me where the fire was
And I had nothing to fear
For all god’s good
And brotherhood
We drank ‘til I was crowned
Then a lady from the Everglades pulled my ass up off the ground
She kissed me four times on the cheek
And once upon the brow
For a moment I believed that I had come for what I found
Now I sit alone with all the cracks in my guitar
For all the miles I’ve put behind
I haven’t come that far
But we are all compelled to look
For the wind inside a jar
Maybe Im back, baby
Maybe Im falling from the poplar tree
Carry me back, baby

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