- The Devil Went Down To The Holy Land

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November 12, 2015


The Devil went down to the Holy Land
Saw it was already fucked and he thought to himself:
‘‘What a mess, beautiful mess, my bidding is done.''

Not a man could be trusted even by his own brother
And the people were scared as they hated each other
What a mess, beautiful mess, Rock n' Roll

Thought police was firmly in control
And little girls went on display, just trying to fill a hole
And I thought to myself ‘‘Where is the innocence?''
And that it's no surprise it's been so god-damn hot as of late
We're never gonna be cold... You know the Devil is lord

The Devil went down to the Holy Land
He took a piss on our backs and we could swear it was rain
What a beautiful piece of mess, Rock n' Roll.

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