- Song for Josh

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April 4, 2016


Why didn't you call?
My phone's always on
Why didn't you call?
Before you got gone
And I don't know for certain what I would have said
But now I am helplessly silent instead
There's a hole in my heart and in my head
Why didn't you call?
Why didn't you say something?
On the last time we met
Why didn't you say something?
There's always hope left.
And I can't say for certain what I would have done
But I can't do anything now that you're gone
And it kills me to think
For a second
You thought you were alone
You can measure the mark of a man on the day that he dies
In the mixture of memory and wreckage that he leaves behind
And I know you were carrying too much weight
On the evening when you slipped away
But I loved you like a brother man and I never really had a chance to say
So at half past nine each evening
I'll think of my friend
And at half past nine I'll remember
You were better than your end
'Cause I too have stood up on that ledge
But I know you would have pulled me back down from the edge
And I let you down in your darkness
I wasn't there
So I'll remember you making a hole through the kids in the crowd
And I'll remember you lifting me up each time I fell down
And I'll glance at the barrier when I watch in the band
And I'll expect to see you there stood on the foot stand
But I guess I will see someone else
And that's when I'll whisper to myself
Brother, I miss you like hell.

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