November 12, 2015


Once when I was a child,
I was going wild,
'Cause my momma was so sad.
She taught me what's worthwhile.
Killed herself in style.
Peace don't come so easily.

One thing you've got to learn:
You'll never be the same as the child you once were.
Life brings a lot of pain, It bends you out of shape;
Teaching you the things that are hard lessons learned.

Faced with love, we take.
I'm giving it away.
Beware of fate.
And rules you must obey.
I'm not in the game
I'm playing anyway,
Losing every day.

Hey kid,
Get out of the road
Before I run you down.
Where'd you learn to lie like that?
Go on skipping down the stairs
And keeping to the code, taking every bullshit load.


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