- Aviation

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November 12, 2015


Wings are now a part of me
(I'm) disappearing straight
Into the night alone I'll make my journey.

In this life an endless solo flight
Bow thy head and close thy peasant mind.

Now comes the deafening roar
Followed by an eternal calm
Silence! silence, the sound of emptiness
The absence of your moaning virgin whore.

Sky falls down like a fountain
Washing over me with calming void
If this peace is called loneliness
We were truly meant to stand alone
Meant to stand alone.

Blue overhead, since the dawn of man
Heavens follow, wherever we roam
Blue turns black, heavens retreat
Losing a faith in between.

What is set in stone, when stone no longer paves your road
When paths are no longer guided by earthly tomes
You too can soar.

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