- Skydive

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November 12, 2015


There's something big in this room
And it isn't me and it's not you
Works away at my bones
Grinds me down, grinds me down

But there's a window in here
I can open up and fall through
Any hour of the day, there I could, there I could

Oooooh There's something bad in this room
When I've been waiting to tell you
Chips away at my kind
And I just need to go, need to go

When I've planted outside
I won't look back for anyone
I'm walking into the sunshine,
Never believe it's true but it's true

It's the bit when I'm near the end
Nothing hanging on from me
Turning round, I'll be turning round
Falling down to the street

'Cause I can tell when you're all dried up
You never see me run so afraid
I'll be making the best of my time
I'm stretching out... like a skydive

Oooooh Stretching out like a skydive

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