- Carousel Ride

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November 12, 2015


I think I had I more luck at my other job
The way to the top
Is grab tricks at the bottom
Soldiers on the mat are a pain in the side
Take a cheap spin and say it's all right

Starting little fires is my middle name
I smoke what I got when I can't relate
I got to fix my eyes on the future two thousands

Get myself fat, get myself thin
Trotting through life with occasional wins
Thought it'd be cool to calm my wits

On this ride I'm the Captain
All my friends call me Shackleton
With one eye, I ride high
Got magic wands, unicorns and action

Round and round and round I go
Hoping for a miracle
I got no place to run and hide
I guess I'll take a spin on the carousel ride
Just the way the stars align
Not a reason to get blind
So take another spin on the carousel ride
I think I was a bird in another life
Maybe that's why I'm prone to flight
And I do like heights
When all the strongest winds are blowing my way
Then the reaper comes to take my breath away
Yeah I go
And I dance in the fire
And then I do it again

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