- Time Is

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November 12, 2015


Time by an old man's coat
is the time I want for my own
but I keep on foolin around, stayin up all night
with a little lamp on and a clock light burning bright
and time brought you here today
but you won't be here with me always,
you know where you're goin' to your world, and me I talk
but even saints have to use a politicians tongue sometimes
and I want you to know oh dear
I want you to know I'm here
and I've never wanted less or more
no i've never wanted time to slow down like now
like now
i find it all hard to believe
well sing along with me and i'll teach you to wear your clothes alright
sing along with me and i'll tuck you down nearly every night
for there's no one like time to put it in life
and i know changing your mind ain't something you like
but i wanted you to know, and now you know

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