- Sister Mary

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November 12, 2015


sister mary, can you tell me, is there any use?
sister mary, i've been prayin what else can i do?
she's been gone seems so long, i want to have her home
sister mary reassure me help me to go on
tell me don't try to spare me pain
will she be coming home again
sister i feel so afraid
all my life i cared so much for her all my life is nothin if im left without her
tell me why i just can't let her go.sister i feel so afraid
monsieur thompson there she's sleepin the doctor's here today there seems to be no change in her that's all he had to say
but late last night she spoke to me she said she loves me so
monsieur thompson don't you worry she'll soom be well i know
tell me don't try to spare me pain will she...
monsieur thompson im sorry plz don't cry.don't cry plz don't cry

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