- Wendy

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November 12, 2015


Verse 1;
If you say you love me and you're hurt with my reply,
(Oooooooh ahhhhhhhh)
It's because you're not the girl you were,
And I'm not that kinda guy,
Ten years is a long time when you're young,
(Oooooooh ahhhhhhhh)
It takes ten years to find that the thought that this should come undone,
Wendy when it's over,
I haven't seen you since last October,
Wendy now that we're older,
Verse 2;
People say we were young and we were in love,
People say a lot of things
but there's certain things I'm thinking of,
Small time guys and small town girls,
(Oooooooh ahhhhhhhh)
On their toes, axing flares,
twists and turns and swirls,
Chorus x3

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