- Robert Montgomery (Alternate Vocal Version)

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November 12, 2015


Robert Montgomery lived on the good side of town
He went down to the people that he used to know
But they had changed
And thought they looked different they still were the same
Yeah, yeah
Who was it listening and why were they trying to hear?
With those never ending promises
Are all that we hear in our ears
And even the King sometimes thinks a little weird
The same as all the rest and I'll give you my best
If you give yours
If you give yourseIf you give yours too
Robert Montgomery, now can you see who you are?
With the way that they're trapped in
It doesn't seem that you'll get too far
So come up from never wherever you are
And freak with all the rest and we'll give our my best If you give yours If you give yours
If you give yours too

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