November 12, 2015Fixed by Mar Yano 


We found a well that defies the laws of thermodynamics
We found a well that powers all our mechanics
An endless energy supply
From here in the ground
Surely, we must tell the entire town

People lined up for miles
Eagerly anticipating easier lives
But some more than others
Took days at a time
Impatience led to anger
And anger to crime

Voices escalating
Such elitist defiance
We started at self-sufficiency
And finished with violence
I could have sworn
That this was everything we ever wanted

Soon enough the well was regulated
Government running it and charging for the benefit
As you would expect
Some gained a sense of co-dependence
While others came to riot
Civil, national, continental wars
Overpopulation like never before

The fuel industry in its entirety
Was run into the ground
There were no more job opportunities
For the people of my little town
And the more poverty that struck
The more we relied on ourselves
But without jobs we have no money to fund the war
To protect our well

I guess the world before wasn't so bad after all
I guess the world before wasn't so bad after all

And so our country took the money
That it still had left
And dropped a nuclear bomb
Into the cavernous chest
Of the well

No more reason for war
No more proverbial hell

The world decided to start over
Erasing any record of the events that occurred
And ten-thousand years later
We found a well

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