- Coward

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November 12, 2015


You were praying for your recognition
Wanted to conquer your freedom
Now abandon your cowardice
And fuck up your sanctity

Reluctant to valor flail your failure
Tear of your bond the chains of oppression
Just live free you wanted it to be
Take the imminent punishment and throw it far away

Terrified you're watching your approach to death
Justified is the punishment you'll receive before your last breath

You're one with the vile flock
I'm pissing on you
Now abandon all your hope for your sanctification

You will never be holy
Death will find you anyway

You will never see your god
Don't throw your life away

Don't follow this fucking flock
Of fucked up cowards

Believing in a book of lies will never make you holy
You will never find what you search when you look out for sanctity

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