November 12, 2015


Well I\'m sure she was an angel cause I\'ve seen one before\r\n
She said \"let me play you a song that I know\"\r\n\r\n
I asked her where she learned the song\r\n
She said she learned it from towns\r\nbut to no one alone does it belong\r\n\r\n
Which I never trust someone cause why should you\r\n
But you do just as soon as love tells you too\r\n
Lucky lover and then its hurts you\r\n\r\n
No you can\'t only love when you want to\r\n
No you can\'t only love when you want to\r\n\r\n
That how i lost her\r\n
I\'m sure of it now\r\n
That\'s how I\'ll lose you\r\n
Unless somehow\r\n
Nothing else ever\r\n
Happens to you\r\n
I will\r\nnever be\r\nenough

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