- Kill Some Day

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April 5, 2016


All I know is that I dreamed of you
I somehow can't wipe you off my Iris
All I know is that I'm lost in you
Like a bonedry log in your fire

But I see things somewhat different now
I swear to God, I'm gonna kill some day
Leave me alone, yes I'm going home
I won't bother you no more

...but if I tried I could make you come back
And de-rail that train from its dead-end track
I'd do anything to be rid of that smile tonight,

These things I can't explain, Lord-
You left him hanging out on a limb
All that time you knew it would make him spin
I get so mad, frustrated and sick-
I wish I knew just who or what to kick
It used to be a personal thing
But that was way before it started killing him

I see things somewhat different now,...etc

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