November 12, 2015


There's nothing less cool than feeling exhausted
From hours of not doing a damn thing at all
Not thrilling to chill, steal bandwidth and cable
Give shouts to employers and wait for the call

There's a light shining out from the windowsill
Not content to project all day long
Maybe I could walk a little to the library... closed
Maybe I could do this right for once, get my ducks in a row

And just stop talking trash or whatever they say
Make the bed, sweep the floor, shake the carpet and spray
Put my shit in a pile, on the top slap a post-it
Don't worry, someday your skill set will be wanted

But today everybody is a little tired
It's Wednesday
So at 10: 00, I'm walking down a chilly Boerum
To Broadway

And it's you and me and a tall boy of Colt 45 or Bud Light
What's the cheapest one?
Get through one more night, I drink fast, I don't savor
Each way takes an hour and at 12: 00 I'll be gone

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