November 12, 2015


Blood, sprays out of your face, as I press the spinning metal blade against your skin, amateur facial surgery assault, deconstructing your face, ripping- tearing- slitting- slicing, I cut you into pieces.
I wield my hacksaw and rev it up, I approach your lifeless body, shove the spinning tool down to your gut, intestines flies everywhere as I laugh hysterically.
I take the saw and press it against your throat,
Slashing, gashing, bashing, gushing.
Your start to bleed, with no control.
I pick you up, strap you to a chair, then I begin to pull out your teeth.
Dental mutilation, blood gushes out of your gums, dripping on to your shirt, the white fabric stains red from the blood spill.
I take my knife and cut you open, home-made liposuction.
I slit the fat inside you and tear it out,

the putrid stench of you, fills the room.
The aroma of your carcass is all too much, I puke into you and fill you up with chunder.

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