- Give Me Something

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March 23, 2016Fixed by dvirbasino 


What you say, tells me nothing,
What's the truth? Give me something,
Take me down a road I believe in,
Lost the way, lost all reason,
Ooooooooh, ooooooooh,

Give me something.

Search the past, for redemption,
Broken glass, no reflection,
Take me to a place... I believe in,
Lost my way, lost all reason,
Ooooooooooh, Oooooooh,

Through the ruins, tryna save it,
'fore I fall out,
Show me somehow,
I can make it,
All that we gave, was it wasted?
Falling down broke,
Holding one hope,
That you'll make it,

Give me something,
Give me something.
Give me something.
To hold onto,
I've got nothing,
Since I lost you.

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