mary, you got some sun today
and on my handlebars
you look great
i really mean it

'cause no one's got moves like dad
and grace like dad
through all the panic

will you just sing of me?
cause mary when you sing,
you sound like a southern girl
in sunday dress

i want to kiss you

i need to calm down

i want to be a good american boy

sin follows me and all my friends
i need to concentrate
get my hands on some ritalin
and plan my days
constructive and legitimate
go-oh-o only places i feel comfortable
my grandpa fought in world war two
and here i am,
afraid to leave my room

i've seen your sad family
and my sad family
and all of the faces between

i promised myself long ago,
i'd never try that;
not cut out to be a good american boy

but sin follows me where ever i go

larry grandpa
i'm gonna need ya
to get me through this maze

with the heart of
and the second grade

i'm guessing i should waste some time
enjoy the sunshine
so many reasons
i shouldn't complain
but i could never put words
to the way i'm feeling

milk and cookies will help me escape
now that's what i'll do

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