- The Same War

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August 23, 2016


There's a brick giving up on symmetry
There's a drug giving birth to a harmony
There's a confident choice of minority
While my mind has a new found poverty

If you gaze at familiar tragedies
You should find my ghostlike strategies
I am defining the bones of my disbeliefs
Never reaching a truce with my enemies

You are the criminal stealing a valuable sun door
You are the vulnerable waiting to be in the same war
Standing in line will you be ok?
You fall down now

Control, confuse, confine
Get a hold on a circular decline
Speak out degrees of entrapment
And embrace the rules of its content

Lay down your arms
Lay down your visions of harm
There are no true mirrors
Only thoughts that steer us

You fall down, you fall
You fall down, you fall

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