- Floats My Boat

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November 12, 2015


Blow my smoke in the sky,
Still ignorin' advice,
On the roof gettin' high,
Sippin' on my soco,
Live it up till I'm dead
Ignorance in my head,
Fuck whoever you are
I do what floats my boat. (Repeat)

I be after that Half and Half Arnold Palmer Tea,
I got your girl callin' told me meet me at the beach,
I'm hootin' hollering at Main Street of the Colony,
Starlight was bright with the last night,
Now she's calling me.

The rules might bend or break, that'll remain hidden,
Like Roo throwin' down when Mary's away on business.
Half stack, deck stairs, flower dress, long hair, blurred nights but we still takin' care, we rep the FAM.
Wake up way too early, get some and food and dine and dash.
Too hungover to know the difference between this and that,
Focused on how to open her up, but approach her with class,
Weekends losing meaning, every evening like the last.


I can keep up with the tempo,
That's right, he's right, alright, lets ride.
Now, what you tryna get into,
Let's find some time tonight.

Roo didn't forget to pick up the 750
Dry gin from Fifth Ave Liquors,
Us kids are wavy waving at sweeties on the street,
Sticker slap the FAM logo right upon the damn hood of a jeep,
No cloud in the sky but clouds in my mind,
She with another man not wonderin' why,
Comfortable surrounding never not a full stride,
We'll see your ass tomorrow so don't call it goodbye.



What's up ladies and gentlemen,
This is the bright side,
Bring your friends,
And shut it down.
I hope everyones havin' a good time
Playin' it summer of 2012.
If its summer of 2040,
Play this shit a little bit louder,
Cause we makin' timeless music, man,
This is the fresh Aer movement
And if you dont fuck with us thats fine.

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