November 12, 2015


What did Jesus do,
When they sentenced him to die?
Did he try to run away?
Did he just break down and cry?

No, Jesus dug down deep,
Knowing what he had to do-
When faced with his own death,
Jesus knew that he had to...

Man up.
He had to man up.
So he crawled up on that cross,
And he stuck it out.
And he manned up.
Christ, he manned up.
And taught us all what real manning
Up is about!

And now it's up to me
And it's time to man up!
Jesus had his time ta,
Now it's mine ta MAN UP!

I'm taking the reins,
I'm crossing the bear!
Just like Jesus,
I'm growing a pair!
I've gotta stand up,
Can't just clam up,
It's time ta-

'Cuz there's a time in your life
When you know you've got to
Don't let it pass you by,
There's just one time to

Watch me man up like
Nobody else!
I'm gonna man up all
Over myself!
I've got to get ready,
It's time ta,
Time ta!

What did Jesus do
When they put nails in his hands?
Did he scream like a girl?
Or did he take it like a man?
When someone had to die
To save us from our sins,
Jesus said "I'll do it!"
And he took it on the chin!

He manned up
He manned up
He took a bullet for me and you,
That's man up
Real man up
And now it's my time ta...

Time to be a hero
And slay the monster!
Time to battle darkness,
You're not my father!
I'm gonna time ta, just watch me go!
Time to stand up and steal the show!
Time ta! Mine ta!
Time ta! Time ta!
Time ta!

Sal Tlay Ka Siti,
A place of hope and joy...

Man Up!

And if we want to go there,
We just have to follow that white boy!

Time ta!

Heavenly father,
Why do you let bad things happen?

Sal Tlay Ka Siti...

Did you get my text?

More to the point,
Why do you let bad things happen to me?

Sal Tlay Ka Siti!
We got your text!

I'm sure you don't think I'm a flake...
Man up!

Because you clearly made a mistake!

Turn it off!

I'm going where you need me most...


We will listen to the fat white guy!

My time to, time ta,
Now it's my time to,
Time ta!

But Hasa Diga Eebowai!

No time to, not time ta,
No, now it's time to time ta!


I'm in the lead for the
Very first time!

Time ta!

I'm going where the
Sun always shines!

Shines ta!

I've got to stand up,
Get my flippin' can up,
It's time ta,
Time ta...

Sal Tlay Ka Siti!
Hay ya ya!
Sal Tlay Ka Siti!
Hay ya ya!
Sal Tlay Ka Siti!
I'm coming...
Sal Tlay Ka Siti!

Turn it off!

It's time ta-

I have maggots in my scrotum!

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