- Wingless Angels

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November 12, 2015


Tween now and then
seems like a long, long time
I'd duck beneath the radar and
I'd sneak across the line

Stop up in St Alban's
and up in Montreal
I'd make pretend I didn't know
what was being bought and sold

I met a lot of strange folk
in this dirty game
woman so evil
I won't even say her name

She had me from
the first time around
She held me so sweetly as
she pinned me down

And it felt so real
it felt so right
all we ever did was eat and
drink and f**k and fight

The deal got bent
she turned me in
I ducked beneath the radar
I was on the road again

Strong of muscle
strong of will
weak of the heart at
the top of the hill

From up there one can rule
for miles around
but humble is the man
who walks back down

And the road is rough
and it's hard to see
gotta slow down the pace
have some faith in destiny

And I hear those sirens
they're calling me
their silver tongues they tempt me
with unbridled clarity

I dip my cup in holy water
tip my crown of thorns
and I stumbled down off the hill
with the cross that I was hung

Now and then
I drift back in time
I think about the love and lust
that I left behind

And it's good by the rose
good by gun
Hello to that virgin land
where I belong

And I hear those voices
calling me
amongst the wingless angels
in perfect harmony

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