- One Plus One

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November 12, 2015


Lyrics for Wizboy by Wizboyy

Iye, iye.
iye…Iye, iye, iye…Iye, iye, iye…Wizboy!
Is what i'm feeling baby.
O, o, oh…eh, eh, iye, iye, iye…Chai!
One plus one is one, Na hin be there arithmeticweh go keep us togetherthere is nobody love you like I do…my baby.
Oh…one plus one is one
Na hin be the melody
I go de play you foreverthere is nobody treat you like i do…my baby
Pretty girl I just wanna sayna you de make my heart feel this wayin the occasion of your sweet love
Baby I'm screaming …True love no be by Energy, Then see, I got a formulato penetrate you, right!
Let me break you down, It's you that I want, The kind of Ring weh I wan give you
This time around na that kind of Ring oweh I go put on your finger right on the alter.
Baby make we deyloving, loving, loving…I say make we deyloving, loving, loving…oya make we dey eh…eh, uuh, make we dey go uuh…{
Repeat }
2Take you out to night for a dinner.
Do all things alright like a dinner.
Is that I will be, see my baby, mu na gi ga ebi, enh!
I no dey send anybody, even when they say Wizboy don kwori.
Na then, I go dey love you better, Treat you Weller, No matter the weather, You go born my Taa Taa.
Is a dream of every manto get a finest girl like you, we go be like Rice and Stew.
Baby me, ngwa make we deyloving, loving, loving.
I say make we dey enh!
loving, loving, loving.
Oya make we dey, loving, loving, loving.
mmm…make we dey go…uuh{
Repeat }
3You are the personality, The sugar in my tea, My testimony…See, the probability is equal to unity of our matrimony.
This love is rest to the power of infinity.
Girl, na you de Ginger my dignity, eyi!
Strongly is what I'm feeling baby…mm…mm…mm…mm…mm…mm…mm…mm…mm…{
Repeat till fade with below voice lead}
Girl I say make we de loving2xoo…ooh….
You are my baby2xiilah…lah…lahone plus one is one nooone plus one is one nooii…oweh………….

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