November 12, 2015


Ran these old brick streets for years
And nothing ever come my way
Got a '68 Ford in my front yard
Just rust and faded grey
But man once she was so cherry red
Sweetest thing that you ever seen
I sit down behind the wheel
Just wondering when did everything

Get so fucked up
Get so turned around
Hit the gas and
I pull that shifter down

In the evening when the sun is low
Well mister I'll be running
As fast as these
God damn wheels will roll
Can't you hear that
V-8 motor humming
And in the morning
When the sky, is golden
Hey maybe I'll be gone
I keep moving, just keep moving
I keep moving on

And I took one last ride
By your house
And saw you sitting there inside
Thought about our love
And all those things
That seemed to make it die
Well baby out of all
Those other girls
You're still the best
That I've ever seen
But I just sit there idling,
Wondering when everything

Got so fucked up
And got so turned around
I hit the gas and I pull that
Shifter down

And I'm counting white lines
On the road
But I still take you
Everywhere i go

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