- The Grace

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November 12, 2015


In better days I've been known to listen
I go to waste
all my time is missing
I'm mapping out my ending
it's never gonna happen now
These things are condescending
with everybody backing down
You pray to stars that can help you get by
And all at once you forget to try
I'd go there if you let me
they're never gonna find me now
My life is always empty
and in and out of doubt

You're not coming back for me, these things they will never be
I'm so used to being wrong, so put me where I belong
I'll get back to you
God knows I try
but I still lose
And I get back to you
these days run by
but I still lose

Angels say they can make you suffer
They give and take like a vicious lover
When all this loses meaning
You'll never want it back somehow
Awake but still I'm dreaming
And never waking up

Alone... Where I'm not alone Alone... Alone

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