- Beginning

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November 12, 2015Fixed by Rotem 


Four in the morning I’m gone
Driving toward the conquering of Dawn
And she stands in front of my eyes
Shifting the gears until I crash
And fall to a dream in her arms
Ooh what a day to begin
Here in the wasteland I stand
Hoping some things will remain
And that she will know who I am
‘Cause my heart is broken all the same
A burden that gets in the way
Ooh what a night to begin
And I waste myself for so long
And I chased myself for too long
Four in the morning she’s gone
I take all the right from the wrong
Drifting from all that I’ve known
Not all of them are prizes to be won
They’re just lying down in The Sun
Ooh what a day to begin
Ooh what a day to begin

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