- Clown

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November 12, 2015


I'm just a man with the soul of a clown
Who forces me messin up everything around
Looking for Jesus but I'm Judas's friend
I'm just a traitor
Make crying the angels

I'm looking for myself so I'm on the turn
But in the mirror I just see a blur
So how could I see there all of my crimes
If I can't find myself without you this time?

And I won't be perfect but I try to be better
I'm fallen so teach me that I need to learn
I'm just that weak who can't keep things together
As darkness falls on the way
But you can fade it away

The teardrops what born in your eyes
They are sad orphans of my worthless lies
So let me carry on and turn them for smile
'Cause I'm just a clown so I have to try

So what can I say as my words are not in your use
My fate is given but I'd like to choose
How could strom get over if I am the wind?
Inflicting a blow up on all of my sins

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