- Give Me Up

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November 12, 2015


Is it the first time in your life
Or is it just another one-night stand
Do you wanna make a fool of me
Just like you do it to all those other guys

Now i'm leading your life on my own on these days
And i don't want to mess with no woman
Get me out on your skin
No, that's hard. i can see
But you're back to save your love, but you can't

*give me up, oh, give me up
Oh, give me up, oh, give me up

You got this on your mind
For love isn't sin, i just don't have no time
I'm telling you again and again
You'd better stop this playing on my mind

Take an intermit stand cause you don't have a clue
Now i'm reading off time before you
Shout it out on the roof as you must understand
I got somebody else on my mind


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