- I've Been

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November 12, 2015


Standing in this room
Well I wonder what comes now
I know I have to help her
But hell if I know how
And all the times that I've been told
"The way her illness goes..."
The truth of it is no one really knows
And everyday this act we act
Gets more and more absurd
And all my fears just sit inside me
Screaming to be heard
I know they won't though
Not a single word
I've was here at her side
When she called, when she cried
How could she leave me on my own
Will it work? This cure
There's no way to be sure
But I'm weary to the bone
And whenever she goes flying
I keep my feet right on the ground
Oh now I need a lift
And there's no one around
Hey Oh
Ah Oh No
And I've never had to face the world
Without her by my side
Now I strolling right beside her
As the black hole opens wide
Mine is just a slower suicide
I've been here for the show
Every high every low
But it's the worst we've ever known
She's been hurt, and how
But I can't give up now
Cause I've never been alone
I couldn never be alone

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